Potent Organization Pkg: 15 hrs

The Potent Organization 15 hr Pkg. is great for doing 2 or 3 rooms, or just a particularly large pantry project, in your house. 

23 rooms 

What kind of projects can be accomplished in 2-3 rooms? Plenty! Some examples of projects to transform your home in this 12 hour package are as follows: 


  • Closet organization
  • Seasonal clothing turnovers
  • Shoe storage organization
  • Decluttering of dresser drawers
  • Organization of keep/sell/give away piles
  • Jewelry display/organization
  • Furniture placement
  • Space usage flow 


  • Spice and food cabinet organization
  • Garbage and recycling flow
  • Utensil and china storage
  • Pots/pans display and storage
  • Work flow strategy 

Kids’ Rooms

  • Toy storage
  • Books and knickknack organization
  • Outdated clothing clean out and organization
  • Usage evaluation and logistical flow analysis (and improvement)
  • Furniture placement 

Living Room

  • Furniture placement and flow review
  • Bookshelf storage improvement
  • General de-cluttering to improve appearance
  • Nearby coat closets clean-outs
  • TV vs fireplace placement  

Large Pantry Project

Full Garage Organization 

When you run a household with many people, lots of friends visiting, and family guests, it can get hectic.  It only takes a phone call to get some help from a professional organizer. Why wait any longer?

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